You’ve had your spark of brilliance, and now you have an idea that could change the world. But what’s next? How do you bring your invention to life, and to market, in a way that protects your interests and puts your business on solid footing for growth? From evaluating different business models and formation issues, to addressing regulatory concerns and tax considerations, you’re going to need to navigate the world before you change it.

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    In today’s fast-paced, data-driven environment it’s not enough to react to change, you must stay ahead of it. We understand the imperative for innovation, efficiency, and breakthrough performance facing leading companies – and what it takes to help our clients succeed.
  • CRISPR: The New Frontier of Biotechnology Innovation
    By now, life sciences IP attorneys have probably heard about clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats. In short, they are the signatures of bacterial immune systems that scientists have hijacked into biological tools for editing genomes, the DNA-based instruction manuals from which all living things are built and maintained.
    New York City is second only to Silicon Valley as the world's most active setting for venture capital investment, emerging growth companies, and startup culture. New York has positioned itself as a global leader in the startup economy. The life science and technology industries, with prominent investors and companies increasingly active in the space, comprise two of New York's most active venture ecosystems.
  • Women Startup Challenge Winners to Receive Pro-bono Legal Services From Paul Hastings
    The growing profile and cost of cyberattacks have put this issue at the top of the corporate agenda, and highlight the potential threat to the data-fueled architecture of today’s global business environment. The dynamic nature of cybersecurity threats, their pervasiveness, and the frequency of attacks can provoke feelings of helplessness.
  • Mobile Devices and Internet of Things (IoT) - Top 10 Practitioner Tips for Successful Development and Roll-Out of IoT
    Top 10 Practitioner Tips for Successful Development and Roll-Out of IoT